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Weatherproofing firm in Jacksonville : A Plan for Protection! Your painting contractor’s care and respect for your home should be obvious. For an interior painting project, ask how your furniture, floors, and valuables will be protected. For exterior projects, you might ask how your landscaping will be cared for (you don’t want ladders jammed into your favorite rose bushes). Warranty, Licensing, and Insurance! Does your painting contractor have you covered? Being licensed and insured is essential, and offering a clear, detailed warranty provides extra peace of mind.

Know when to fold ’em: Grow at a comfortable pace. Be sure you can manage and handle the jobs you have. The worst thing is to be underfinanced. Even the best contractors will not survive if cash flow is poor. Try to make a profit on every job. That means knowing your costs! Be willing to walk away if the job won’t make you any money. Every job matters: Probably the most important lesson my dad taught me was that every job is important, no matter how big or small. The $5,000 job is just as important as a $50,000 or a $500,000 job. They all work together to bring in revenue.

Care, concern and excellent client service are paramount. And you won’t find a House Painting Service as efficient anywhere! Pro Color Painting aims to deliver quality and value. Being the best home painting services, we will get in, accomplish the painting tasks in a efficient manner. Leaving areas clean, fresh. Do you need your home painted? Visit our contact form; include your information and choose a method of contact. One of our staff will contact you for the best day and time to visit. Pro Color Home Painting Service wants the painting process to go as smooth as possible for you. We visit your home; gather information, and submit a fast, detailed quote for your review and comparison. Find additional information at Home painting services Jacksonville.

Charging too little. Many painting contractors feel pressure to lower their price in order to win the job. I used to compete with the under cutters myself. What I discovered is that homeowners usually DON’T pick the low bid. In fact, they are often scared by the low bid. People obviously want to pay as little money as possible, but they also don’t want a hack-job. Instead of trying to undercut my profits away, I got better at selling my value and quality. Sometimes I was TWICE as expensive as other bids they received and I still won the job because they trusted me and my quality. Respect your price (and yourself) and charge what’s fair. Charge something that delivers a quality job to the homeowner, but also leaves you something for your effort.

Trusted Painting Contractors Have References : Pro Color Paint Contractors have many AAA+ references, awards, 5 star ratings and great reviews! Over the years we, have established a proven track record of a Jacksonville painting contractor who cares about producing quality and efficiently! From builders, management companies, investors, homeowners, local business owners, HOA to national chain companies; ALL agree; Pro Color Painting Contractors are the right choice in Jacksonville painters! Established Painting Contractors Need a Website: A painting contractor’s website should include details about products, warranties, reviews and photos, list of services, local contact information. Most often this can indicate that a painting contractor is well established and will be around for many years to come. Pro Color Painting has five websites! Find even more info at Commercial Painting Jacksonville.