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Looking for cool new travel destinations ? Here is my top 3 travel places to visit: Also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral, this structure is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. It is also one of the largest churches in France. It is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Paris and contains the cathedra of the Archbishop of Paris. Its treasury is home to many of the most important relics in Catholicism. These include one of the Holy Nails, a fragment of the True Cross, and the Crown of Thorns. Construction of the cathedral began in 1163 and was completed in 1345. It has two towers that are 226 feet high. Notre-Dame suffered significant damage during the 1790s as a result of the French revolution. Restoration did not begin until 1845. The cathedral is home to the Archaeological Crypt of the Paris Notre-Dame. This houses historical ruins.

eTA application and You must see New Zealand at least once : You can hike an actual glacier in New Zealand. The Franz Josef Glacier plays host to both guided walks and jaw-dropping helicopter tours. Tours offer everything from ice climbing to a more relaxed hike on the 6.8-mile-long glacier. Won’t you be freezing on top of a giant glacier? Nope! The Franz Josef Glacier receives a lot of sunlight, and temperatures on the ice are usually only a few degrees colder than in the nearby town. Cap off a day touring the Franz Josef Glacier with a soak in the Glacier Hot Pools. The pools are fed by the waters from the Franz Josef Glacier, and you can use one of the three warm pools or get a private pool.

Looking for info about top travel locations to visit in Galapagos? Scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands will be one of the most memorable experiences a visitor will have. The Galapagos Tip Top Dive and Training Center was the first PADI 5 Star Tec Rec Instructor Development Center in the islands. First class service combined with affordable rates make it one of the best options. After taking one of the many courses, visitors can choose from various dive sites in the Galapagos Islands, including Islote Mosquera, North Seymour, South Plaza, Gordon Rocks, Punta Estrada, Guy Fawkes, and Santa Fe.

Bali is an incredible destination, so much colour, a must see for any travel enthusiast. Nusa Lembongan is a good place to visit if you’re looking for a quick island getaway from Bali. The beaches aren’t as nice as those on the Gili Islands but there are more exploration options, including trips to surreal coastal features. The two beaches most people stay near are kind of average though, so if all you want is a lazy beach holiday I’d recommend the Gilis. This small island is joined to Nusa Lembongan by a bridge and can easily be visited in a few hours (I walked there from my guesthouse at Jungut Batu on Nusa Lembongan). You can stay there too obviously and there are some nice little beaches scattered around the island. The real highlight though is the Blue Lagoon – such a nice shade of blue! See additional details on

For those seeking a sunny beach vacation, Llucmajor is an ideal choice. About 25 kilometres south of Palma de Mallorca, this spectacular stretch of the Mallorca coast has many beautiful coves, beaches, and cliffs. The 16th-century defensive towers along the Llucmajor coast offer stunning views. The Playa del Arenal is an extensive beach that extends all the way to Palma de Mallorca; the neighboring towns share the same beach. The calm waters of El Arenal Beach are ideal for swimming, while part of the beach is a designated surfing area. Amenities include a yacht club, tourist office, and public toilets. Sun umbrellas, loungers, and watersports equipment are available to rent. In a protected area at the bottom of a tidal inlet, the Cala Pi Beach has natural charm despite being surrounded by hotels and housing. Cala Pi is a sandy beach with gentle crystal-clear waters that are ideal for scuba-diving. Sunbathers can rent umbrellas and loungers.