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CEUs for recreational therapy tricks or making sure the professionals stay professional. Courses are available in a variety of areas such as behavioral health, cognitive health, geriatrics, administration, theories and modalities and more!! Our mission is to provide quality, affordable, and relevant continuing education courses that will equip Recreational Therapists in the workplace.

According to the American Therapeutic Recreation Association, recreation therapy or therapeutic recreation is a systematic process that utilizes recreation, leisure, and other activities as interventions. This is done to address the assessed needs of individuals with illnesses and/or disabling conditions, as a means to health, recovery, and well-being. The recreational therapist’s goal is to restore, remediate and enhance a person’s functioning while fostering independence in life activities. Having fun while simultaneously reaching better health outcomes? Yes, please! If you are interested in learning more, keep reading 5 Ways Recreational Therapist Can Improve Your Life.

How CEUs Are Awarded: In a continuing ed program, one CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours. Contact hours means that you have participated in an approved continuing education program. Various professions require different numbers of hours to complete your certification. Nurses, lawyers, educators, real estate agents, insurance agents, CPAs and engineers are just a few of the professions that require participation in continuing education programs.

Jason Schwab? has worked as a recreational therapist, a term used interchangeably with therapeutic recreation specialist, for 10 years and is currently at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. What he loves most about his job is helping patients find enjoyment in life again after an illness or injury. “[Physical therapy] will help you function with mobility, [occupational therapy] will help you with your daily living and I feel like recreational therapy helps people get back to being themselves,” he says. “We can be the glue that holds people together.” “The benefits are widespread and a little bit more than what we may be looking at in a strictly clinical sense,” Messina says. “From what I have seen, we are the therapy that clients really enjoy going to.” See extra details on Recreational Therapy Approved CEUs.

Improve Marketability: Even in the most uncertain economic conditions, employees who have completed continuing education credits will likely improve their marketability as a professional. Since continuing education programs provide specific career related training, employers recognize the value of CEUs and are more likely to hire candidates that been accredited over non accredited candidates.

The SMART CEUs Difference: We are not a one man or woman show! Our team consists of many parts pushing forward together to improve the online CE experience for Recreational Therapists everywhere. The majority of our team consists of Recreational Therapy Experts who we call our SMART Instructors. They are Recreational Therapists who have both a passion to teach a broad TR audience and have extensive experience in various areas of TR. We also have a top notch social media expert, an awesome RT Newsletter writer, some amazing tech dudes, and our founder Nathan Lamaster, who steers the ship. Source: