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Mahjong is a very old table game that was invented in China. As with any good product it was adopted by many cultures around the globe. There are many digital versions of Mahjong games that were created based on the traditional Mahjong tiles. While Mahjong is very popular globally, many official tournaments held around the world every year including WMC (World Mahjong Championship), OEMC (Open European Mahjong Championship), etc. It is also a fun game to play between family and friends for leisure, and it is a great way to engage fast pace fun during the holiday get-togethers.

In the 1920s, the British and Americans, also, started enjoying the game and as a result the rules evolved, again. Joseph P. Babcock, an American living in Shanghai during the 1920s, began exporting Mahjong sets back to the United States. He published a document called “The Official American Rules” in 1935 that simplified traditional rules for the foreign market and set the standard for American players. Babcock eventually sold the copyright to the game to Parkers Brother and the rules changed in order to satisfy the market. In the British Empire, the rules remained close to the Chinese traditional game.

Mahjong originated from China, as we’ve mentioned. But, the inventor of this game is unknown. There are lots of theories and beliefs about the inventor of mahjong, and the most popular and interesting myth is that mahjong was invented by Confucius – a great philosopher from China. According to some historians, the proof for this belief is the three dragon tiles which coincide with Confucius’ idea about three vital virtues: filial piety, humaneness, and sincerity. If this theory is true, this game might be the oldest game in Asia. Source: Jogos 123.

Mah Jong has not been around for as often as many people think it has, although older versions of the game may have been in existence in different form (such as cards) for many decades. The game of Mah Jong began in China, and there is some debate as to when it exactly began, where, and by whom. There are different variations of the spelling of Mah Jong in English, and it is sometimes referred to as all one word – Mahjong. Either way, Mahjong, or Mah Jong, is usually considered correct.

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