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Here are several makeup mirrors with light reviews and why we think Angel Lux from Mirrex as the top one. Reviewers loved that this versatile mirror can be powered with either a USB plug or AAA batteries. “This mirror is sleek in design and is so very bright. It replaced my old Revlon make up mirror from the ‘70s (not kidding),” says one happy shopper. “I love the dimmer option and the magnification on the side mirrors is helpful for plucking problem areas. It has options to plug it in or use batteries.” Another reviewer exclaims, “The best part about this mirror is you can replace the rechargeable batteries. So even if the charging port breaks on this one all you need to do is use AAA batteries!” A third owner writes, “I love that you can connect with USB or use batteries for the light feature. Also, the mirror itself is not too big and not too small, so it won’t take up too much space on your desk/ vanity. I find the mirror to be great for everyday use.”

This pretty little thing is more than meets the eye. The left side is split into 2x and 3x magnification for nabbing tricky brow hairs and getting eyeliner just right. And in case you need even more visibility options, the mirror tips back 180 degrees and the sides fold in. So whether you’re looking down to apply false lashes or just want a profile view, it’s got you covered from every angle. Plus, we love the storage nook for the knickknacks that inevitably gather on the vanity. Read more info on Portable smart selfie makeup mirror.

This mirror might be good for those with very poor eyesight, but otherwise, it’s not a standout. It lacks adjustable lighting, and the size of the mirror seems too large for its magnification level—you have to get very close to its surface in order to get a clear showing, yet you can never see your entire face at the same time. This 5-inch round mirror is beautiful and its lighting is truly great, but its over-the-top frills actually work against it. The light is motion-activated, so it will illuminate whenever you walk by—we also found it a little finicky (i.e. I sometimes had to wave my hand frantically in front of it). The mirror could benefit from a regular-strength mirror on the flip-side to make it worthy of its high price. It’s simply more expensive than it’s worth, despite having a gorgeous design and nice, bright lighting.

The perfect gift for anyone and everyone; whether you are a professional makeup artist or just looking to add a little elegance into your daily routine, Mirrex can suitable for any special day, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and Christmas. The portable LED lighted vanity makeup mirror is a great accessory that will help you retouch your makeup and refresh your style anytime, anywhere. We want to help all ladies for whom looking flawless is important, so we have designed a high-tech lighted mirror that helps ladies look and feel their best. An all-around consider to be a must-have accessory that will definitely improve your life. QI Quick Charge?? Wireless Charging *2X faster charging speed than normal chargers *On top of being a high-quality makeup tool, the mirror also serves as a wireless charger when paired with any QI gadget, iOS or Android device. *What’s more, you can connect it to any computer through a simple USB cable in order to charge the mirror, making it an extremely convenient product to have on-the-go. Source: